“Voodoo in the Bayou” [Zydeco Playboys]

This morning 30-01-’22 I received this mail from Oliver Kraus from the Zydeco Playboys; “In December 2022, we looked at the past year. What madness, what Voodoo worldwide! We said to ourselves, the previously unreleased recording of the Roots version of Voodoo in the Bayou fits like a glove…

Me: True words where especially the \/ madness felt like black magic, like Voodoo.

Yesterday I wrote this in Dutch (with rhyming words see Meme)

Better to avoid war
Than go to war for ‘peace’

Impervious to any form of reason
Elites forging dark plans

Never, ever satisfied
Or learn anything from the past

A government thanks to ‘us’ in office
“Our” choice to a circuit of stupidities

Nothing helps, no fallacy
How we should dress this up now

Better to undress the darkness
Down with the knights who ride high on their horseback

We must now take real action
Let the evil falsities fade out

No right to earthly goodnesses and let them step out 
To enter the Tribunal hereafter

The people hereby inform them
High time for true peace

Dutch version (Meme)

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