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Gary Hayman is the former dance teacher in my ZydeCajun.radio.fm program every week who’s announces the spotlight artist. He made a compliment regarding the broadcast where Louis Michot and his band the Lost Bayou Ramblers teamed up with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

I wrote to him; “We’ll Gary it’s the musicians who did it, I was just playing it”

Gary; “Well, that may be so. But you do it with such panache, style, and gusto – selecting, then ordering your contents, twisting knobs, sliding ‘faders’ up and down, selecting and implementing transitions between musical pieces and/or musical pieces and announcements.

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3 thoughts on “Écoutez la radio ZydeCajun et laissez un commentaire ici”

  1. Hey Friends,

    TooLoose has gone international!

    Henk Mutsaers is a Dutch internet radio host living in France. For twenty years he has been broadcasting a two-hour show weekly, archived at http://www.zydecajun.radio.fm and broadcast live each Tuesday evening (and repeating Sunday at midnight) on FDL Radio 100.4 FM studios in Luzy, France [Nièvre department in central France, Burgundy region]. It’s always a great mix.

    He contacted me a few weeks ago, and now we are on his playlist for July 20, 2021.

    You can find this and his other archived shows and playlists here: https://www.zydecajun.radio.fm/ecouter-en-direct-24-7-replay/

    We are at 18:00 of hour two of the 20-07-21 show. The song is La Ti Da, sung by Jennifer Smieja. It was recorded live by Jim Wolfe at Mississippi Studios a few years ago.


  2. This morning (30-06-20210 I received this eMail from Gary Hayman, a mail he send out to his network of cajun and zydeco friends all over the world:


    Have you been missing your Cajun and Zydeco music fixes?

    Many may not realize but for many years there has been a weekly radio broadcast from Europe that features Cajun and Zydeco music from all over the world.

    Originated by Henk Mutsaers (musician, producer, and D.J.) from his ZydecoZity radio studio south of Amsterdam in the city of Raamsdonksveer in The Netherlands, but now (since December 2020), broadcasting his ZydeCajun radio show for two hours each Tuesday evening and repeating Sunday at midnight on FDL Radio 100.4 FM studios in Luzy, France [Nièvre department in central France, Burgundy region].

    Yes, you can hear it at home.

    All productions are also posted as audio files and can be listened to AT ANY TIME via the Internet by selecting the appropriate URL link from provided webpages.

    For example, for the June 22 broadcast go to:

    [1st hour] http://www.thuisbiz.nl/mp3/ZydeCajun-1-128_2021_06_22.mp3

    [2nd hour] http://www.thuisbiz.nl/mp3/ZydeCajun-2-128_2021_06_22.mp3

    The broadcast is presented in a mixture of French and English (and sometimes some Dutch) so you won’t miss out on the commentary and is of a highly professional mix.

    As added information for each broadcast, a playlist of the artists and titles are presented at:


    For links to all shows previously broadcast you can go to:


    You can visit the home page of ZydeCajunRadio at:


    where you will find links to many interesting articles and sources.

    [There is a translation button that allows you to view the web pages in the language of your choice.]

  3. John Oomen

    Henk, met veel plezier geluisterd echt goed bezig kerel.
    Wel een kant tekening niet over dit programma maar over de ophef op de SLOG radio en politiek gaan niet samen evenals religie blijf er vandaan.

    Ga meer naar je luisteren nondeju!
    Henk spreek je.


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