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10-04-2021 Hot News, German band the Zydeco Playboys will release a new album in June. Here they are at the zydecozity festival 2019

Feature story: Lost Bayou Ramblers: Out there on the edge of punk.

FLORIDA CAJUN ZYDECO #99 Other stories: Stringbreak festival schedule April 8–10; Festival International to be held virtually; Sharon Stern reviews Cray Cray in the Hatch inaugural crawfish fais do-do held March 19-21 at Fiddler’s Restaurant in Steinhatchee; featured Typefaces: IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Serif; few live and streaming music events in the central Florida area. 

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! #98 feature story is on Terrance Simien. Music review of Corey Ledet’s 14th album, and news on three festivals (one is canceled). Enjoy!

Excerpt:  “Paul Simon was researching zydeco music for his album, Graceland,” Simien said. “My band was one of three Simon took in the studio, and we were all teenagers.”

Carnival in the Netherlands is always a big party. With no carnival at all this year, this was found in de garden of Jo van Strien his house. Jo is the accordeon player of River Zydeco Band. In local dialect you can read “I am only playing for ‘her’ behind this kitchen door”.

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update #97

This month’s featured artist is Leroy Thomas.

Other stories include: Sean Ardoin runs for mayor of Lake Charles; Rosie Ledet has a new band; Jourdan Thibodeaux and Cedric Watson team up; Louisiana Travel invites you to explore the Cajun music genre; promoters are moving forward with plans for live music festivals in the spring; Charter typeface is featured in this issue; remembering the IBM Selectric Composer; correspondence from readers.

If you’ve got a an idea for a future story, let me know. Already is the works are feature stories for March and April.

23-010-2021 I mailed Klaus-D. Haettich from the German Cajun Band MaCajun: “I had no gigs with MaCajun since last april. But at Sunday, 31.1.21 we play live in a streaming concert. Since 23 years we play on a Skiffle-Festival in an wonderful location called “Fabrik” in Hamburg. I’m one of the 3 founders for this festival in my Skiffletime and played there each year with MaCajun. There will be each year about 800 visitors. And this year live streamed with only 3 groups. And you have to pay nothing, cause we’ve got a good sponsor. and live MaCajun plays at 12.00 a clock high noon

Welcome to 2021. Glad you could make it!

Feature story this issue is on Yvette Landry. Also check out the live music New Year’s Celebrations options on page 3 (some are streaming live, but most are in-person), and “On the Horizon in 2021” on the last page.

I hope 2021 is a good year for us all.
Regards, Jim Hance

2021 Cajun Zydeco Calendar

Happy holidays! Here is a 12-month calendar (FORMATTED TO 8.5″ x 11″) featuring images and brief biographies of Cajun and zydeco artists who have been featured in Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! Artists include Chubby Carrier, Steve Riley, Leon Chavis, Bonsoir Catin, Curley Taylor, Feufollet, Chris Ardoin, Wilson Savoy, Nathan Williams Jr.., Roddie Romero, Keith Frank and Geno Delafose.

This mailing does not replace the monthly Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! Issue #96 for January 2021 will have the longest feature story yet, and will arrive in your email by January 1st. I am still adding content, so there is still time to send me a story or comment to be included.

Regards, Jim Hance Go view the calendar

2021 will be a fresh start for Houston Tx star Corey Ledet, we’ve just got the news he will release a brand new album, ….

On there YouTube channel British band the Zydeco Diamonds published 3 zydeco songs, here’s on of them, …

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update #95 is live.

It’s been more than two decades since Beau Jocque left us, yet his influence on the genre of zydeco music is still here. I found numerous stories and reviews by Beau Jocque’s producer Scott Billington, author Michael Tisserand, and others, and I weaved them all together into one story on the Zydeco Giant. I wanted to honor Billington and Tisserand for sharing their experiences of Beau Jocque, and include them as characters in the story.

Also in this issue are some reflections on the pandemic that closed down social dance events worldwide, how Louisiana places got their names, the designers behind the typefaces used in this issue, a new Cajun and zydeco music radio program starting in France, and more.  read on

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12-11-2020 FDL radio 100.4

  • Demain, je suis invité à faire de la publicité pour mon nouveau programme à la radio, c’est vendredi 13, peu importe, …
  • Tomorrow I’m invited to advertise my new program on the radio, it’s Friday the thirteenth, who cares, …
  • Morgen ben ik uitgenodigd mijn programma voor te stellen op de radio, het is dan vrijdag de 13de, maakt niet uit, …

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! #94

Feature story this month is on Preston Frank, Patriarch of the Frank Clan. Musicians in the Frank family go back to before sound recordings, and Preston Frank’s grandfather was a fiddle player with Dennis McGee (who accompanied Amede Ardoin on the first phonograph recording of Acadiana music in 1929). As famous as his son, Keith Frank, has been, Preston has probably played more festivals than anyone else in the family. Preston Frank plays accordion and has been accompanied by some of the best Cajun and Creole fiddle players: Carlton Frank, Ed Poullard and Kevin Wimmer.

“I don’t play that new zydeco or Acadian music. I play Creole zydeco. It’s in between both of them. It’s got a good drive and a good swing to it,” says Preston Frank.

No. 93 — October 2020

Read Issue 93 and download a .PDF

Feature artist: Wayne Toups

68 Pages: Feature story on Wayne Toups. Other stories: Lafayette’s favorite festival goes virtual; Festivals Acadiens et Creoles 2020 schedule; Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band to headline Nov. 14 Riverhawk Festival in Dade City, Florida; memories of Willis Prudhomme, Victor Feldman on Cannonball Adderley’s Poll-Winners album; End of an era? Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa closed; Live shows at the Palladium.

Excerpt: “There’s a lot of people that are upset at my decision,” he said. “You can’t make everybody happy. But we certainly had a good shot at doing that.” — Tom White

No. 92 — September 2020

Read Issue 92 and download a PDF

Feature story is « The Irrepressible Sean Ardoin »

68 Pages: La Poussiere Cajun Dance Hall live streaming concerts; Pine Leaf Boys pre-release copy of new studio album, « Traveling Man, » now on sale on at; Louisiana bicycle tours; Festivals Acadiens et Créoles goes virtual for 2020; Houston’s zydeco culture; a memory of pre-pandemic dancing days by Dan Duerr; music releases « Avenue Man » by Dr. Zog and « Same Old Me » by Dennis Stroughmatt; featured typeface this issue: Teramo.

Excerpt: « It is indeed sad that 80 years after the death of Amédé Ardoin that other blacks continue to be killed because elements of society hate them for the color of their skin. »

No. 91 — August 2020

Read Issue 91 and download a PDF

Feature story is « Roddie Romero and the Lafayette Sound. »

Almost Like Being There has been updated with links to live streaming performances and Facebook posts of the past week. Album Releases includes notes on albums from The Mavericks, Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine, Sean Ardoin, Waylon Thibodeaux, Sweet Cecilia, Michael Doucet, T’Monde, Leon Chavis, and a 10-CD compilation, Cajun & Zydeco Milestones of Legends. Bios on Clifton Chenier, Harry Choates, Hackberry Ramblers, Iry LeJeune, Leo Soileau, Amédé Ardoin, Dennis McGee, Lawrence Walker and Dewey Balfa.

Excerpt: “The passage of the Roddie Romero Bill allowed future members of his band to perform before reaching legal drinking age, and the change in the law benefited many other young performers who were able to perform in public places and make names for themselves like Hunter Hayes, Trombone Shorty, Amanda Shaw, and Cedric Watson.”

No. 90 — July 2020

Read Issue 90 and download a PDF

Featured artist: Lil’ Nathan and the Zydeco Big Timers

Featured artist in this issue is Lil’ Nathan and the Zydeco Big Timers. Featured typeface for issue #90 is Scotch, a new typeface based an 18th century typeface.  Stories include « Pandemic Disruption » about Skipper’s Smokehouse closing temporarily as a safety precaution from spreading the pandemic; « Perfect Balance » about the new online radio station featuring a mix of zydeco, R&B and blues music; « Dancing to the Slow Ones » about the nightclub two step and its origins in the 1960s; steaming live performances featured at; and the feature story « Lil’ Nate: The Cyrus Chestnut of Zydeco? »

Excerpt: “When I played ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ yesterday,” Chestnut explained to Geoffrey Himes, “I used that Erroll Garner thing of playing a lot of different quotes in the introduction before I settled on the main theme. If you heard me play it today, it would be different than it was yesterday, and next week it would be different again. I always keep myself open to any last-minute inspiration because I thrive in the realm of spontaneity. »

No. 89 — June 2020

Read Issue 89 and download a .pdf

Featured artist: The Revelers

Featured artist is The Revelers. Featured typeface in this issue is Elkes.

Excerpt: “His droning, forceful playing on ‘Please Baby Please’ drives that song forward like on overnight hauler transporting a load well over the limit: pedal to the floor and eyes in the mirror.”

No. 88 — May 2020

Read Issue 88 and download a .pdf

Featured artist: Keith Frank

Louisiana music online, popular performance videos, Keith Frank on The Pulse of Zydeco, and remembering Roy Carrier.

Excerpt: “I googled ‘nouveau zydeco’ and the first result listed was ‘Nouveau Zydeco: Keith Frank Gets It On,’ a 1995 story for OffBeat magazine by Michael Tisserand.”

No. 87 — April 2020

Read Issue 87 and download .pdf

Featured artists: Fernest Arceneaux, Rockin’ Sidney

Germs on the Dance Floor, Sean Ardoin videos during social distancing, Nathan and Zydeco Cha Chas live streaming performance on Friday April 3, new music from Lil’ Nate and Chris Ardoin released in March, Fernest Arceneaux, « Prince of Zydeco » and Rockin’ Sidney and the best selling zydeco song of all time.

Excerpt: “Well, I don’t speak French,” admitted Simien, “so what I’m hearing is, “Blah-blah-blah-blah-toot-toot.”

No. 86 — March 2020

Read Issue 86 and download .pdf

Featured artists: Feufollet, Nooney and the Zydeco Floaters

The Crazy Fire of Feufollet, Revisiting Nooney and the Zydeco Floaters. WMNF’s Rockabilly Ruckus at Skipper’s, Cadillac Cowboys at Brady’s BBQ, Cajun Zydeco Dance at Sauced in Largo, and Cajun Zydeco Dance at Skipper’s in Tampa. Louisiana dance clubs, Festival-O-Rama, and dancing outside Florida and Louisiana.

Excerpt: “As Feufollet was in the process of organically developing a new sound, Edmiston received an offer she felt she couldn’t refuse—to join Cavalia, a Montreal-based, equestrian-oriented, traveling extravaganza. Basically, she ran away to join the circus. A hard exit to top,and not an easy act to follow.”

No. 85 — February 2020

Read Issue 85 and Download .pdf

Featured artists: Kevin Wimmer, Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys

Kevin Wimmer: Lost in a Cajun Reverie; Terry Domingue of Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys; Louisiana Dance Clubs, Sauced Bar & Pizzeria; Cadillac Cowboys at Brady’s BBQ.

Excerpt: “There is something about the feeling we have playing there [Festivals Acadien], which has to do with being Dewey’s festival and falling in that tradition.” — Kevin Wimmer

No. 84 — January 2020

Read Issue 84 and Download .pdf

Feature: Jeffery Broussard: Exploring the Traditions of Zydeco

C.J. Chenier at Delray Beach and Tampa this weekend, Cajun Zydeco Dance at Sauced on Jan. 10, Cajun Zydeco Dance at Skipper’s Smokehouse on Jan. 21, Tab Benoit at Skipper’s Smokehouse on Jan. 17 & 18, Gumbo Fest at Shell Factory in North Fort Myers featuring Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers and The Porchdogs on Jan. 26, Gumbo Limbo Cajun Band in Gainesville on Feb. 9, Louisiana Dance Clubs, Festival-O-Rama, and Facebook Feed of 2020 New Year’s celebrations.

Excerpt: “The Creole music scene in Louisiana is still going. However, with the new generation of music and younger musicians adding their own zest to the music, I’m afraid it will lose its authenticity as the younger artists are adding more hip-hop and less accordion, so my goal is to keep the tradition and culture going, not by preserving the music but by performing and promoting it!” — Jeffery Broussard

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