Nouvel / New / Nieuw album Zydeco Playboys ‘Just Do It’

Française | English | Nederlands 11-09-2021

Zydeco Playboys, nouvel album “Just do it”.

Sur le site web, on peut lire : “Germany’s Hottest Accordion-Groove !”, et je suis tout à fait d’accord avec cela. Un son très reconnaissable grâce au jeu d’accordéon d’Oliver Kraus et à la composition professionnelle de l’ensemble du groupe dont la plupart des membres sont des visages familiers. Ils se produisent depuis 1994 et pour les calculateurs rapides cela fait déjà 27 ans pendant lesquels ils ont joué sur les scènes internationales dont Zydeco Zity où j’ai pu les voir plusieurs fois.

Ce n’est que leur quatrième album en toutes ces années, alors quand un nouveau sort comme celui-ci avec “Just do it”, on peut s’attendre à ce qu’on y prête attention, et, … ils ne déçoivent pas.

De la variété, un rythme auquel j’ai dû m’habituer comme avec “Wanderlust”, un tempérament méridional avec “Lieno de Vida”, une familiarité et un régal de reconnaissance “You never can tell”, avec pourtant son propre swing. Mais ne suis-je pas secrètement à la recherche d’un nouveau “Chilli Boogie”, l’un de mes favoris des Zydeco Playboys, car il y en a plusieurs.

Swoon loin à “Last Island”, tex influences mex avec “Una Cerveza y Dos Copa de Vino” ou si la bataille pour la meilleure chanson de danse zydeco alors aller entre “The Gator Groove” le son typique Playboys “Mr. Zydeco’s Dance” ou enfin le uptempo et la chanson titre “Just do it”.

C’est toujours une bonne chose de ne pas pouvoir désigner immédiatement la meilleure chanson, sa propre préférée. Cela va ressortir lors de quelques heures de danse avec des filles sympas et la décision sera-t-elle trouvée là, sur la piste de danse ? C’est ce que nous allons voir.

Conclusion : Un grand album, que nous allons certainement jouer beaucoup à la radio et une belle présentation du CD. Ces messieurs peuvent être fiers de cela.

Zydeco Playboys new album: “Just do it”

On the website we read; “Germany´s Hottest Accordion-Groove!”, and let me agree with that completely. A very recognizable sound thanks to the accordion playing of Oliver Kraus and professional composition of the entire band of which most band members are familiar faces. They have been performing since 1994 and for the fast calculators this is already 27 years during which they played the international stages including Zydeco Zity where I got to see them several times.

It’s only their fourth album in all those years, so when a new one is released like this one with “Just do it”, you can expect it to be paid attention to, and, … they don’t disappoint.

Variety, a rhythm that I had to get used to as with “Wanderlust”, southern temperament with “Lieno de Vida”, a familiarity and feast of recognition “You never can tell”, with yet its own swing. But am I not secretly looking for a new “Chilli Boogie”, -one- of my Zydeco Playboys favorites because there are several.

Swoon away at “Last Island”, tex mex influences with “Una Cerveza y Dos Copa de Vino” or would the battle for the best zydeco dance song then go between “The Gator Groove” the typical Playboys sound “Mr. Zydeco’s Dance” or finally the uptempo and title song “Just do it”.

Always a good thing that you can’t immediately point out the best song, your own favorite. That’s going to come out again on a few hours of dancing with some nice girls and will the decision be found there on the dance floor? We are going to see it.

Conclusion: Great album, which we will definitely play a lot on the radio and a beautiful CD presentation. The gentlemen can be proud of that. Update at the bottom, …

Zydeco Playboys nieuwe album: “Just do it”

Op de website lezen we; “Germany´s Hottest Accordion-Groove!”, en laat ik het daar helemaal mee eens zijn. Een bijzonder herkenbare sound dankzij het accordeon spel van Oliver Kraus en professionele samenstelling van de gehele band waarvan de meeste bandleden bekende gezichten zijn. Sinds 1994 treden ze op en voor de snelle rekenaars zijn dit al 27 jaar waarbij ze de internationale podia bespeelden waaronder Zydeco Zity waar ik ze meerdere malen mocht aanschouwen. 

Het is pas hun vierde album in al die jaren, dus als er een nieuw album wordt uitgebracht zoals nu met “Just do it”, dan mag je wel verwachten dat er aandacht aan besteed wordt, en, … daar stellen ze niet in teleur. 

Afwisseling, een ritme waar ik even aan moest wennen zoals met “Wanderlust”, zuiderlijk temperament met “Lieno de Vida”, een bekendheid en feest der herkenning “You never can tell”, met toch een eigen swing. Maar ben ik niet stiekem op zoek naar een nieuwe “Chilli Boogie”, -een- van mijn Zydeco Playboys favorieten want er zijn er meerdere. 

Even weg zwijmelen bij “Last Island”, tex mex invloeden met “Una Cerveza y Dos Copa de Vino” of zou de strijd voor het beste zydeco dans nummer dan gaan tussen “The Gator Groove” de typische Playboys sound “Mr. Zydeco’s Dance” of uiteindelijk toch nog het uptempo en titelsong “Just do it”.

Altijd een goede zaak dat je niet gelijk het beste nummer kan aanwijzen, je eigen favoriet. Dat gaat het opnieuw uitkomen op een paar uurtjes dansen met wat lekkere meiden en wordt daar de beslissing gevonden op de dansvloer? We gaan het meemaken. 

Conclusie: Prima album, wat we zeker veel gaan draaien op de radio en een mooie CD presentatie. Daar mogen de heren trots op zijn.   

…brandnew comments on the album JUST DO IT:        

Radio ZydeCajun (FR/NL/EN):  On the website we read; “Germany´s Hottest Accordion-Groove!”, and let me agree with that completely. A very recognizable sound thanks to the accordion playing of Oliver Kraus and professional composition of the entire band…Great album, which we will definitely play a lot on the radio. (H. Mutsaers)

BluesNews (DE): 5SterneBluesNews  5 of 6 stars.  …you can also develop your own handwriting in this genre. This album is the proof… besides expected traces of Clifton Chenier also those of bands like Los Lobos… the guitarist clearly sounds like Southern Rock,… if necessary it also goes towards Rhythm & Blues. The songs jump at the listener, come very directly from the speakers… and the corona blues? is far away during the 55 minutes of “Just do it”! …(K. Leitner)

Rocktimes (DE) … The album is not only very well recorded, but also excellently produced, so that soundwise no compromises have to be made…. Sometimes you have to think of the music of Willy DeVille (not from singing, rather from stylistics)… In the end, a mighty whimsical disc, whereby the band also shows depth in some pieces and it becomes clear that not everything here is seen through the pink glasses. A good mix that makes you want more… (M. Kerren)

JazznMore (CH) … the accomplished accordion-wizard Oliver E. Kraus, who understands how to write his own original songs in the tradition of his role models. The Rhythm Section Schwarz/Küsters/Dreyfuss-Wilde develops an unbelievable drive – whether it’s a two-step, a waltz or a shuffle… What also stands out, besides the varied arrangements, are the great, multi-voice vocals. Party? Bien sûr! But with style and class! (M. Piazzalonga)

Radio Dertour (USA): … FUN!  I will play more songs in the coming weeks. (P. Hartman) 

Concerto (AT) … lively, multi-voiced & cool arrangements, 12 own song.. they master their metier, a lot of positive energy, differently dosed and very varied packed… (domi) 

BluesBlastMagazine (USA) …Confession: zydeco is not my favorite type of music but this is a thoroughly enjoyable album! ..  The title track is a short and sweet invitation to ‘do your own thing’, played to a frenetic rhythm section overlaid with rocking guitar and accordion…“Gros Coup” which mixes French and English and sounds pretty authentic with lyrical references to the bayou…The remaining material is all written by Oliver and includes some straight-up Zydeco tunes as well as other catchy material aimed at the feet…   (J. Mitchell)

Folker (DE) … rousing, lively and energetic played and sung … (ah) 

Blues Matters (GB) …This is a wonderfully varied set from this driving five-piece outfit, from the straight -ahead accordion-powered Louisiana zydeco of C’Est Tout Y A (though the guitar solo moves it a little closer to the mellower side of 70s rock) and the strutting cover of Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell (C’Est La Vie) to the modern Latin sound of Lleno De Vida! – more than a little Santana-ish in the guitar break, and the swampy, funky The Gator Groove. Many of these songs sound like they’ve come straight out of the Bayou country. ‘Gros Coup’ is just one fine example of what I mean, with its mixture of English and French vocals and relentless groove, but these guys have surnames like Kraus, Schwarz, Klenner, Kuesters, and Dreyfuss- Wilde, so no, this isn’t Rosie Ledet’s backing band and yes, this is a German outfit. That doesn’t make the slightest difference to the listener’s enjoyment, of course. Rock out with the good timing, pull out all the stops title track, or shake a leg to some border sounds with the wonderful Tex-Mex of Una Cerveza Y Dos Copa De Vino, with its hint maybe of Los Lobos. Really though you can’t go wrong whichever of these baker’s dozens of tracks you pick, they’ll all bring a big smile to your face and make you want to jump around . And if you’re looking just for the blues, then the closing slow-ish instrumental Last Island, with its tinges of Hendrix and Santana in Volker Klenner’s guitar playing may well provide just what you need. (N. Darwen)

Folkworld (EU) …a little blues, but a lot more roots-rock of different colour always with one leg in the zydeco . The “Wanderlust” waltz could be the commentary on the pandemic, if it were not always such a kind of band motto… It goes cross-bed: Rock “n” Roll, Psychedelic, Latin, Tex-Mex, the gumbo is dispensed with and instead cerveza & vino is consumed… Love of life and heartbreak. You can groove, clap, whistle, dance, rave: Just do it!  (Walkin’ TOM)

Blues&Rhythm (GB) …straight up zydeco tunes as well as catchy tunes like “Backyard Lady” and “Whatta Kind of money do you like”…guitarist V. Klenner sounds like Dickey Betts…the only cover is a good version of “C’est la vie” with plenty of accordion fills. .. (J. M.)

Soultrain (DE):  …Great and wonderful musical changeability and the pure desire for music, music making, is also in the foreground here, typical Zydeco as well as Zydeco Playboys: It makes an incredible, almost weightless fun, to listen the Zydeco-primeval-rocks Zydeco Playboys and their new album “Just do it”… beautiful, earthy thing with groove, heart, stomach and upright, at the same time modest gait …(D. Chuck)  

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