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Sans musique, la vie est un voyage à travers un désert.

– Pat Conroy

Entre 1996 et 2019, j’ai présenté la plupart des éditions du Festival international Cajun & Zydeco à ZydecoZity Raamsdonksveer. Aussi le programme ZydecoZityRadio du même nom. Le festival annuel de 3 jours a pris fin en 2020 et la présentation pour moi également en juillet de cette année. Nous relevons maintenant un nouveau défi avec un programme Cajun & Zydeco dans le pays où se trouvent les racines de cette musique

Between 1996 and 2019 I presented most editions of the international Cajun & Zydeco Festival in ZydecoZity Raamsdonksveer. Also the ZydecoZityRadio program of the same name. The annual 3-day festival came to an end in 2020 and the presentation for me also in July of that year. We are now taking on a new challenge with a Cajun & Zydeco Program in the country where the roots of this music lie

Tussen 1996 en 2019 presenteerde ik de meeste edities van het internationale Cajun & Zydeco Festival in ZydecoZity Raamsdonksveer. Tevens het gelijknamige ZydecoZityRadio programma. Aan het jaarlijkse 3 daagse festival kwam in 2020 een einde en aan de presentatie voor mij eveneens in juli van dat jaar. We gaan nu weer een nieuwe uitdaging aan met een Cajun & Zydeco Programma in het land waar de roots liggen van deze muziek

Henk Mutsaers

This is how it all began, …

It’s Zity with a capital Z from Zydeco. Zydeco Zity Radio is part of a local radio station ( and broadcast 2 hours of Cajun and Zydeco music every Sunday starting at 5 pm. (Amsterdam time).

We play a lot of music from European bands so it is interesting for people all over the world to get to know what is going on in the European Cajun & Zydeco scene. We also noticed the interest of bands from all over the world and specially Louisiana to have their songs played at our program.

Zydeco Zity Radio is located in Geertruidenberg / Raamsdonksveer were the yearly International Cajun and Zydeco Festival will be organized. At that weekend of May our town is renamed Zydeco Zity with a great festival now running it’s 27 th edition (2019). 2020 edition cancelt, …

Contact me by eMail Henk Mutsaers

Is Zydecosis Really Being Played On The Radio In Holland. The station is 105.1 SLOG (isn’t that some cool call letters) in Raamsdonksveer, Holland. Thanks to Piet and Henk for hooking us up!! If you’re interested in hearing some great European Zydeco, check out their website

Hi Henk,….
It looks like u guys from zydeco zity radio are real Europeen Zydeco Radio pioneers with your regular show, and the chosen songs are great! thx H …. Germany

Without music, life is a journey through a desert. – Pat Conroy