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« The Cajun Bouexi Band presents  » Lune Bayou »The new album « Lune Bayou » sees 11 musicians from the Cajun Bouexi « Big » Band come together for this new opus.

Released on the 1st of November 2020,  the 13 tracks take you from traditional and progressive cajun to country, blues, funk, New Orleans, creating a rich and coherent sound.

The energy and musicianship of the Cajun Bouexi Band is all perfectly packaged in this beautifully produced album and its beautiful booklet. »

David Dutertre
Booking/Management Cajun Music Club Association

la revue

As we are used to from the Cajun Bouexi Band, a little bit orchestral is what they like best, good for the show, and the entertainment. That’s what you may expect from them. It is also a way for the musicians to express themselves. This is what you hear at the first song of the album; “Caroline Blues”.

With “You’re little you’re cute” witch is in French “T’es petite t’es mignonne” it is time for a walz or the slow two step, what ever you like best, and … who you dance with. The third song I knew from their live gigs and it is a classical one “Tu peux cogner” (mais tu peux pas rentrer) You can knock but you can’t come in, the song is special to me, it was the forst song I ever heard from Clifton Chenier way back in 1978 when the song was a little hit in the Netherlands. Played in an New Orleans brass band style, love it. 

Time for the “Blues the Reno” , two step ore the Zydeco witch ever you like best with “Les veuves de la coulée” – Again a slow one but very danceable “Les barres de la prison”, a classical in the cajun scene all over the world. “La mauvaise nouvelle”, don’t know what the motivation was from the band, we’ve had loads of bad news this year but it sounds very happy so that’s a plus. 

With “Titt’ Fille” they break away a little from the cajun / zydeco / brass band sound and the song could be played on the radio between the regular pop / rock music. Another song I know from their live permeance and great for some interaction with the audience “Les haricots sont pas salés” The beans are not salty. Great dance floor filler, although not for the time being (it’s a big shame) cajun/zydeco style dancing is not possible with social distancing. Another romantic slow one “La dernière danse” the last dance, great album, glad to have it in my collection.

Henk Mutsaers ZydeCajun Radio

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  1. 13 November I left the new CD at the FDL studio, result, now a month later. I hear the songs almost everyday on the radio. Chapeau

    Le 13 novembre, j’ai laissé le nouveau CD au studio FDL, résultat, maintenant un mois plus tard. J’entends les chansons presque tous les jours à la radio. Chapeau

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