The 27th Zydeco Zity Festival 2019 was a great succes (Again),…

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Picture Derk Habers

Zydeco Zity Festival 2019 Raamsdonksveer the Netherlands

We did it again for the 27th time with sponsors small and big and many volunteers to create a piece of Louisiana in Holland. You can call this festival unique with all the decorations in and outside the barn where you get the impression to be at the hot southern swamp region.

Where bands from all over Europe came together who didn’t want to miss out being at the party. At Facebook on the ZydecoZity page You will get a nice view of the festival. And yes we feel sorry we can’t effort any band of Louisiana to come over but on the other hand, we are privileged that the young generation musicians are finding their way into the Cajun and Zydeco music, just like on the other side of the ocean.

With visitors from the US (4), the UK, Germany, Belgium and France gathering at the C&Z family party. Enjoying the special atmosphere what makes the Zydeco Zity festival so unique.

Thanks to these musicians and all the visitors who did make the Festival a succes again.

Zydecozity festival 2019

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