Festivals in Europa

Some are the festivals are gone, some may come back? Non did a festival in 2020

Yorkshire U.K
Hey Folks!! What do you think of this? The venue is booked for a NEW CAJUN & ZYDECO FESTIVAL in Yorkshire.Friday 18th, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March 2016

Pontchartrain France 2010 – 2012 – 2014 – 2016 – 2018
Date May 12 to 15 – 2016 near Paris This year Horance Trahan and more
Website: http://www.topela.eu | Festival review (still video) 2010 |

Opwijk Louisiana Night Belgium [x]
The 6th edition of the Opwijk festival will be held the third weekend of September. It’s a nice venue in a town garden with three bands on the ‘menu’. The 2009 edition was canceled and it never restarted

Germany: Louisiana Music Festival on tour
In Germany they started a festival in Soest / Baasem. First held in 2001 with ZigaZag, Ludwig Seuss Band and the Cajun Pioneers. In 2008 the festival went on tour and added dates in Müchen, Ravensburg and more.
Website www.cajunweb.de | Baasem 2009 still video | Baasem 2010 |

France Saulieu Cajun & Zydeco Festival
One of the best festivals, running for 25 years is Saulieu [2018]. The village in France is beautiful with the open venue on the market square. If there’s one festival you should visit, this is the place to be at the first weekend of August! Website: www.bayouprod.com/ 

The Festival has moved to: Nuit Cajun – Saint Sernin du Bois – France

Bristol Cajun and Zydeco Festival.
Another festival in the U.K. was celebrating their fifth year: The Bristol Cajun and Zydeco Festival. The focus off the festival is: Dancing! Date: third weekend October. Update:The Bristol Cajun & Zydeco Festival will be taking a break in 2016. But we will be back in 2017!!! The likely dates for 2017 are the 13-15 October and 20-22 October – these will be confirmed in due course and published via the website and a mailshot.
Website: http://bristolcajunfestival.com/ | Bristol 2010 video |

the Thames Festival & Swamp Rock [x]
2008 was the 11th year the Thames festival was running at the banks of the Thames river from London bridge downstream. This year they added a Swamp Rock stage to it. Date: second weekend of September. The 2009 edition was canceled 2010 ???
Website: http://www.swamprock.org.uk/

the Gloucester International Cajun and Zydeco Festival
The biggest festival of its kind in the UK, the Gloucester International Cajun and Zydeco Festival is a non-stop party that brings the hottest bands and musicians from Louisiana, USA, France, Germany and the UK to the city, as well as dance and instrument workshops, jam sessions, Cajun food and an atmosphere that’s legendary. The 2009 Festival is due to take place from 23rd to 25th January 2009
Website: http://www.gloucester.gov.uk/cajunfestival

Ameland the Netherlands Zydeco at Sea.
At the top of the Netherlands at the Ameland Island they’ve organizing their Zydeco @ Sea festival already for five years. The beauty of the Island, the trip with the boat over the narrow seaways, it’s a contribution to the wonderful experience. The Zydeco Beach Party is hosting the festival. Zydeco at Sea Hollum – 28/29-08-2009
2009 was the last edition | 2009 stil video | Save the Date 29 en 30 juni 2018 after 9 years Zydeco at Sea at Sier aan Zee

Winterswijk Louisiana Night [x]
In a region called ‘de achterhoek’ there’s a town called Winterswijk. Every year they host a Louisiana Night at the last weekend of September. In 2009 it will be at November 21th.
This festival has also been ended

International Cajun & Zydeco Festival Raamsdonksveer
Encouraged by the successfully performances of the « River Zydeco Band » a small group of enthusiastic musical friends took the initiative to organize the first « International Cajun & Zydeco Festval » in Europe in 1993. From the beginning it became a festival with Cajun and Zydeco music in Raamsdonksveer. After three years the festival added a real International status to it and is running its 26th edition in 2016 see Ya’ll there!
Website: www.zydecozity.nl | 2009 | | 2010 2011 | 2012 | 2013 |

American Roots Festival Sint Eloois Winkel Belgie [x]
Vond plaats op het laatste weekend van juni / Was held at the last weekend of june; Update: The festival has stopt taking place because the organizer has opend a second shop and won’t have time to organize the festival.
Facebook |

The North Shropshire Cajun and Zydeco Big Weekend!
Will be mid August website | Facebook

update 21-04-2018 – Henk Mutsaers

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