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What are U.S. Cajun and Zydeco bands think of the European C&Z scene?

If you look at the websites of European Cajun and Zydeco Bands they always mention bands from de U.S that inspired them.

Now so many U.S. bands have been playing at the European festivals. What is their opinion about the E.U. cajun & zydeco scene?

Who are their favorites?
And what kind of special experience they had?

Lisa Haley & the Zydekats

Hi Henk!
Very interesting question!
My favorite Zydeco band in Europe is of course River Zydeco Band – great vocal harmonies, great attitude and very good fidelity to the true Zydeco sound.

Unfortunately, most Cajun and Zydeco bands in the US don’t know that there are Zydeco bands on every continent except Africa… There’s no promotion (as yet) to tell the general US C/Z fans about bands outside of the US. Every now and then someone will do a review of a European Zydeco festival such as Raamsdonk.

In order for US C/Z bands to notice European C/Z bands, someone is going to have to write a truly GREAT hit Zydeco song on their own. That will do it!!

Love, Lisa Haley & the Zydekats

Zydecosis: Steve Junot

Hi Henk,

It was great to hear from you today. Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me.

I just found my old itinerary from when I played in Europe in ’97. We played in The Netherlands on March 23rd 1997 at a place called Agnietenhof in Tiel, Netherlands. We also played at a festival at a place called Schouwburg in Heerlen.

The band I played with at the time was Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band. Chubby is actually the accordion player in Zydecosis also.

In our interview I said that I liked many Cajun/zydeco bands from Europe but the two that I’m most familiar with are Zfunk and Louisiana Radio. I was first made aware that there were great Zydeco bands in Europe by a group from Germany called the Zydeco Playboys. I met them when they were traveling through South Louisiana in ’98 and they gave me a CD. Then through the internet, I did a little research and was amazed at the great Zydeco music happening throughout Europe.

Thanks. Steve Junot

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