Cajun & Zydeco Bands U.K.

Bearcats Trio
The Bearcats are a traditional Cajun band with a reputation throughout Europe as the band to see when it comes to authenticity and an ability to put smiles on faces and feet on the dancefloor. Equally at home in concert or dance situations they have become many peoples first choice for Cajun music, combining skilled musicianship with depth, knowledge, sensitivity and soul. The trio line up features Chris Hall – Cajun accordion, vocals. Mitch Proctor – fiddle, vocals. Murray Brailsford – guitar. This combination of some of the best-known Cajun musicians in the country makes them one of the most sought after outfits in their field for venues and festivals looking for a high quality band who can really get into the heart of Cajun music.Bearcats Trio
Cajuns Denbo
Vanuit hun basis, Bangor, Noord Wales, heeft de band Cajun Denbo zich in de regio ontwikkelt als de beste Cajun band. De band bestaat uit violen, Cajun accordeon en guitaar, ondersteund door bas en drums / triangel.Ze spelen een mengeling van traditionele Cajun nummers, veel daarvan vertaald in het Welsh, en hun eigen materiaal. Ze begonnen te zingen in het frans en engels, maar zoals de zaken zich ontwikkelden, werd het duidelijk dat hun moedertaal het voortouw nam en hun voornaamste zangtaal werd.Cajun en Welsh bleek een gelukkig huwelijk te zijn, waar tradities en twee culturen met veel overeenkomsten bijeen gebracht werden. Hun gevecht voor erkenning van de orginele talen stond nummer één.Alle zeven bandleden hebben een lange ervaring in het spelen van roots-muziek en hun verschillen-de talenten geven een natuurlijke uitbundigheid aan de muzikale gumbo, die Cajun Denbo is. Ze hebben al een behoorlijke reputatie opgebouwd, door te spelen op belangrijke evenementen als het Cork International Jazz Festival, het Conway festival, Eisteddford ’95 en het Gloucester Cajun en Zydeco festival.Zij verschijnen regelmatig op de Welsh TV en radio, inclusief « Celtic Magic » samen met The Oyster band, Elinor, Prime Time, Sioe Golf, Kinderen in nood en de Owen money show.Hun eerste album « Stompio », uitgebracht op Sain Records ontving zeer acceptabele kritieken. Het kwam terecht in de Welsh top tien, waar het nog steeds staat en veelvuldig gedraaid wordt op Radio Cymru en nu zelfs op Lousiana radio-stations. Cajuns Denbo
The Cajun Roosters are a truly European band bringing together some of the finest Cajun and Zydeco musicians from the UK and Germany. They have rapidly gained a reputation as one of the most authentic Cajun and Zydeco bands in Europe which has put them in the forefront of the scene and is already earning them headline festival appearances not only in Germany but also in France, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, and Belgium.They are equally at home playing blues festivals, jazz festivals, folk roots festivals, country festivals and Cajun festivals as their varied repertoire gives them an unmatched ability to cross over to so many audiences. They have also carved out a reputation as one of the most popular bands on the outdoor city stage circuit entertaining audiences in city squares all over Europe many of whom have never heard Cajun or Zydeco music before.The band emerged when Chris Hall, famed accordion player, and Sam Murray on drums, both from England were recruited to join the members of The Cajun Pioneers, a German band that had previously forged a new trail and helped to spread the word about this music throughout Germany. The Cajun Roosters chapter was begun as Chris Hall used his experience and knowledge of the music to reshape the band into a tighter, leaner and more authentic machine with a groove that is second to none outside Louisiana. The band plays music from the Louisiana swamps and prairies north west of New Orleans. Cajun and Zydeco as the main course mixed with a healthy side order of bayou blues and swamped up rock n roll .. Nathan Abshire, Balfa Brothers, Johnnie Allan, John Delafose, Iry Lejeune, Boozoo Chavis, Steve Riley, Canray Fontenot, Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester and Bois Sec Ardoin. Cajun Roosters
Elvis Fontenot & the Sugarbees
Formed way back in the swamps of time by Phil Butler, Nick Barber and Phil’s lodger Dave Moreman, the Bees were almost called the « Mumbo Gumbos » until the Boat Band’s Allison Parkes (who played accordion on our first E.P) threatened to have nothing to do with us if we called ourselves that….
Elvis Fontenot & the SugarbeesZZR recommendation: Band that, not only you need to hear, but have to see playing!
The Hackney Ramblers
have been playing Cajun Music for many years and are firmly established as one of the top bands in the country. The core of the band started playing together in the Crayfish Five, amongst the first of the British bands to explore the great sounds of Louisiana. Formed in the mid 80s they rose out of the London pub circuit to appear at major venues and festivals throughout the UK. The Crayfish split in the early 90s but after a short lay-off emerged as The Hackney Ramblers. The name is a nod to pioneer Cajun band « The Hackberry Ramblers » from Hackberry Louisiana.The Hackney Ramblers features the classic Cajun line-up, accordion and fiddle backed by guitar and drums. Accordion player Tony Weatherall has played with many of the leading Cajun bands in the UK. including LeRue and the Boat Band and has toured extensively throughout Britain and Europe.Fiddle player Andy Lockwood is a well seasoned musician equally at home playing swing-jazz, swampy blues or straight cajun, each take a turn on vocals. Guitar and drums are provided by Charlie Collinson and Pete Towler both long serving members of the London music scene.New member in The Hackney Ramblers is Loraine Baker on double bass. Loraine started out with The Bluebird Cajun Band and now fronts her own bluegrass outfit « Baker’s Fabulous Boys ».Using the classic cajun dance-hall repertoire as a starting point the The Hackney Ramblers are not afraid to add different flavours to the pot, 30s string band fiddle tunes sit alongside creole blues, straight down the line cajun honky-tonk and western-swing. The whole thing adds up to an irresistible, steamy, gumbo straight from the Louisiana bayous. A 100% cayenne powered dance machine guaranteed to get you moving! So pull on your dancing shoes, get on the floor and enjoy the great sounds of the Hackney Ramblers.
JOE LE TAXI – hot Zydeco dance music from the Welsh frontier.
Now in it’s third successive incarnation, Joe le Taxi continues to combine rock solid dance grooves, mantric melodies and crazy twisted love lyrics to create a stunning original sound which has packed the dance halls from Sidmouth to Shetland, plus the occasional foray into Holland, France and Belgium.Playing a heady mix of hardcore Louisiana Zydeco plus authentic Creole blues, shuffles and waltzes this band is guaranteed to give the dancers a run for their money.Joe le Taxi
– c’est pas la meme chose!Class of 2004 as follows:
Rees Wesson: Accordion, vocal. Formerly with folk-reggae hotshots Edward the Second, Rees formed Joe le Taxi after a mind expanding trip to the swamplands of Louisiana. His style has been loosely described as his own. Chris Bartram: Rub-board, vocal. Chris is well known on the Cajun scene as the front man with The Midland Aces. His distinctive voice and colourful style of playing have made him a firm favourite with dancers everywhere. Kev Torne: Guitar, vocal. A recent addition to the band, Kevin has taken to Zydeco like a natural-born Creole. His jazz/blues background providing the perfect edge, as he weaves his magic around the accordion’s pumping anthem. Andy Watson: Drums. Formerly with No Ring Circus, Andy adds a dash of jungle mayhem, Zydeco stylee. Matt Donaldson: Bass, vocal. As seen with Mike Sanchez, Ricky Cool and countless other class acts, Matt is the rock on which we stand. JOE LE TAXI
K Zee
K-Zee played at the inaugural Bristol Cajun & Zydeco Festival in 2004 and we just had to have them back for the 5th anniversary! Based in Devon, K-Zee is a 6-piece band consisting of Ann Jackson (fiddle), Phil Rossiter (accordeon), Steve Moore (drums), Nick Smirnoff (guitar), Phil Brown (bass) and Amanda Hesford (rubboard) 2008 is marching on and K-Zee keeps playing that Zydeco Music. We also, sometimes, mix it up with some hot country and swamp rock to vary the vibe. That seems to go down pretty well. We hope to get to some more festivals this year – always a good dancing crowd. Look forward to seeing you soon on a dance floor! – Phil Rossiter K Zee
Z-Funk vermengt moderne muziekstijlen, zoals Hip-hop, R&B, UK Garage maar ook pure zydecobeat. Door soms trompet of trombone toe te voegen creëren ze hun eigen stijl.Gavin Lewery, op zowel diatonische als drie-rijer accordeon, is een van de beste Europese zydeco-muzikanten die altijd op zoek naar nieuwe impulsen in de zydeco. Iedere keer weet hij het publiek te verrassen met originele en sublieme nieuwtjes.Basgoeroe Tommy Mills voorziet de band van een groovie ritme dat onmisbaar is voor de zydecodansers. Gitarist Dave Luke is net terug van een tour met Nashville zanger Gail Davies. Hij mixt zowel country als de James Brown funk in zijn gitaarspel En heeft altijd wel iets onverwachts in petto. Micky Jones speelt op zijn stripped drumkit een eenvoudig maar o zo belangrijk strak ritme, dat toch erg groovy kling.Set to turn UK Zydeco on its head, Z-Funk will push the boundaries further than ever, incorporating more modern contempory dance music styles including: Hip-Hop, R&B, UK Garage, and of course Zydeco Jackhammer beats!The addition of Tenor-sax and Trumpet provide funky brass riffs and soulful melodies. Accordion led by the inimitable Gavin Lewery ; On a mission to explore new licks syncopations and beats on the chromatic accordion, also unleashing his trumpet playing talents, Gavin has a bagful of new surprises to unleash with Z-Funk! Long-term musical ally and Bass guru Tommy mills will provide ever more low-down, dirty, hard and slappy bass lines to vibrate your throbby bits Joining on guitar fresh from his International tour with top Nashville singer Gail Davies, Dave Luke brings something quite unique and unexpected to the band mixing his country twang with his James Brown Thang! Mick Hurst is the stripped down drummer, preferring a simple steady yet irresistibly groovy approach, on his stripped down kit, he,s a steady guy, yet irresistibly groovy! The most exciting addition and Spearhead of the all new Z-Funk is Soul-singing diva, Saxophone funkster, and founder member of Liverpool funk band « the Jellys Amanda Quigley Amanda will play a major part in the shaping of Z-Funk and a major role in the re-shaping of contempory Zydeco dance music! Z-funk
Wiskey River Band
Firm festival favourites, the versatile musicians/vocalists « The Whiskey River Boys » are in reality Martin and Aidan from the UK zydecajun band « Whiskey River ». They play Louisiana swamp music from the Deep South plus Old Timey, Bluegrass, Country-Blues and whatever else they fancy… and they play with a genuine passion for the music. They perform in the UK and elsewhere. Meet them at their friendly and inclusive jam sessions in the festival bar for singing, dancing and playing. You’ll have a good time just listening, but more so if you JOIN IN. Wiskey River Band
Zydeco motion .Zyde’co, n. Type of music. Originated by black French population of S.W. Louisiana. (we’re a Zydeco band) Used to describe a dance. (going to a Zydeco). Also used to describe the dancing (we gonna’ Zydeco all night long).Mo’tion. n. Moving, a gesture, the way a thing moves. In motion, not still; put in motion, set going. Commo’tion, n. Agitated stir, violent disturbance, shake things up, cause a commotion.Formed in the summer of ’94, Zydecomotion are now back with a brand new line up that takes the old Zydeco sound as a starting point and cranks it up to fever pitch with a host of influences as diverse as funk, R’n’B, and even current UK dance beats.Their album « Shed Music » captures the essence of their blistering live performances using a wide range of dance grooves that feature the awesome vocals of Bryn « Mad Dog » Davies. Several years on from their first album, « Are you Ready For This », original members Chris Hall and Sam Murray have hand picked a brand new line up and created a sound that gives Zydeco a broader appeal, connecting with anyone who loves good rocking dance music. With their hardcore, heavy duty, industrial strength beat, Zydecomotion lay down a merciless groove for the new Millennium making it impossible for people to stay off the dancefloor

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